I am traveling around Brazil from June 9 to July 14, covering the World Cup for ESPN and, uh, posting photos to my Instagram account. If you're interested, here's a (continuously updated) list of things I've written:

  1. SAO PAULO — E-mails from the president of Brazil.
  2. SAO PAULO — The opener, in one (531-word) sentence.
  3. SALVADOR — Cristiano (vs. Kanye).
  4. SALVADOR — Germans cooking Iberian ham.
  5. SALVADOR — The luxuries of Campo Bahia.
  6. SALVADOR — "F--- you, go f--- your mother, you son of a b----."
  7. SALVADOR – Thrillers and victory cigarettes.
  8. MANAUS – American dreams and moths.
  9. BELO HORIZONTE – The funeral songs of England.
  10. RECIFE – Kyle and the shuttered barbershop of Jah.
  11. RECIFE – Costs of following the United States.
  12. BRASILIA – Nigeria.
  13. BRASILIA – The referee making history.
  14. BRASILIA – Hey, America, where are you going?
  15. BRASILIA – The greatest goalkeeper on Earth.
  16. BRASILIA – Leo Messi in the desert.
  17. BELO HORIZONTE – Psychology and Brazil.
  18. BELO HORIZONTE – Hell. (Germany 7, Brazil 1.)
  19. BRASILIA – What is the point of this thing?
  20. RIO DE JANEIRO –  
  Morro do Cristo,   June 2014

Morro do Cristo, June 2014


Macho Preview

Exactly one year ago this week, the boxer Hector "Macho" Camacho was fatally shot in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. On Nov. 24 at 8am ET on ESPN2, my first TV piece for Outside the Lines (producer: Justine Gubar) will investigate his last days. Preview clip here.

(Update: edition of the piece available here.)

Yeezus at Barclays, Nov. 19, 2013

So, the magic of Yeezus in Brooklyn last night wasn't the artistic direction, which was the best I've seen at any sort of live performance. It was the operatic sincerity, which I loved so much that I started laughing. Kanye's so talented that BEING UNABLE TO RELATE WAS AWESOME.

Also, I recorded 4:44 of Kanye's monologue on my iPhone. Reveal yourself, Anonymous Judgmental Ex-CEO:https: